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After The Ball
Why don’t you marry Blanche?

In After the Ball we follow a south London family from 1914 to 1971. A similar tale could be told about any European city family who suffered and persevered through the catastrophic wars of the 20thcentury. It’s a story of resilience in the face of personal trauma. It’s a story of political and social bonds that get stretched beyond breaking point. It’s story of female liberation and political emancipation and the triumphs and challenges these bring.


Love and betrayal during the First World War resound down the generations. Blanche marries William in 1914, William enlists in the Army, goes off to war and but remains overseas longer than expected. On his eventual return, Blanche discovers letters that confirm her suspicions. Family life goes on but the gulf between them is bridged only by their different loves for their daughter, Joyce, born while he was away. Joyce is strong, independent, the new generation, thrown into the next global conflict brought about by the unresolved issues from the first. The fissures in family life are as explosive as the blitz – does Joyce avoid a new/old betrayal? The action moves forward and back in time, between 1914 and 1973.